This application contains submittal information, plan check comments and history. Permit customers can regularly check exactly where a submitted plan or set of plans are in the review process by using this tracking application.

Please enter a valid Plan Check number:  (example = 0123-2000)  


If you do not know the Plan Check number, you can use Permit Search by Address (Click to access).

Plan Check status can also be accessed via telephone by dialing (949) 644-3255. A guide to using this telephone application is available by downloading the "Build & Go Guide".

For further information or status inquiries please contact the individual departments or divisions:
Building Division (949)718-1888 Fire Department (949)644-3106
General Services Division (949)644-3055 Harbor Resources (949)644-3044
Planning Division (949)644-3204 Public Works Department (949)644-3311
Utilities Division (949)644-3014